For this project we were supposed to try and transfer as much information as possible without using any alphanumeric characters such as letters or numbers.
This data visualization is about single parents. The colour red indicates women and the colour blue indicates men. On the outer most half circle you can see the numbers of single mothers and fathers sorted by age, starting at 15 years up to 55 years. On the middle half circle we displayed the number of children from one to five and more. On the inner most half circle you can see the education of the single parents starting with the German Abitur, the Mittlere Reife and the Hauptschulabschluss.
Project Partner: Nicole Kornhaas
Date of origin: Semester 2
In addition to our data visualization poster we created an interactive application. It enables the user to understand the parameters and the visualization itself a bit better since it does use letters and numbers. 

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