For this project we were supposed to visualize a piece of music using only geometrical shapes and also showcasing the grammar of the music. 
This visualization of the piece "Kick up your heels" by 4bars was created using various design methods such as the semantic differential and the morphological grid. This exercise combined all the methods we had learned in the first and the second semester and also our knowledge about colour and geometrical shapes and also Adobe After Effects.
Project Partner: Nicole Kornhaas, Sarah Bucher
Date of origin: Semester 3
As a first step in the project we analyzed our piece of music. We differentiated all the instruments to get an overview over the song and its grammar. We could find repetitive parts and also unique parts. We were also able to separate the music into three main parts, which helped us a lot with the visualization.
After the analysis we started with the design methods. The semantic differential (far left) basically gave us an idea of the mood of the song. We asked different people which adjectives they most associated with the music while listening to it. This way we were able to find out what characteristics were most important for the song as a whole but also the different instruments.
The morphological grid (middle) is a method to find many different ways to present a form. For example, we set the parameters to "opacity", "size", "position" and "movement" and for each instrument we scribbled how the different characteristics could be portrayed under the aspect of the set parameters. 
Lastly we collected the different visualization ideas and developed a first concept (far right) for the whole song. 
We then further developed the first concept and came up with a storyboard in which we defined the final parameters for each instrument and how it was supposed to be presented. 

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